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The Force Of Pull And Push; Traveling In The Speed Of Light

The Force Of Pull And Push; Traveling In The Speed Of Light

So all we've been doing so far as human is use a push force in all our kind of accelerations, we use it in our cars, in our planes, in our jets, in our ships and in our space rockets. Now while that is a good thing, its only one sided, meaning we're missing out on the other kind of force known as the pull force. Also called the magnetic force, what we need to learn is how to lock into this force that beats acceleration, beats gravity, this is a force that defies all the limitations we've been facing a humans, this is a force that revolutionize our transport system, space travel, multidimensional colonization. Now imagine a flat plate sitting on a table, let's also assume that you're a magician, and you were to use your magical powers to lift the plate from the table to the air, now you will notice in your demonstration your hand or fingers have to move up for the plate to move up, that's a clear magne…

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